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Donations by Bank Transfer

In order to give everyone the certainty that their money really goes to the stated purpose, we have come up with a simple but effective procedure. Everyone who donates will be published on our website with name, location (which he mentions in the purpose of use!), and indication of the donation amount. An anonymous donor can also indicate his place of residence in the subject, then this will be mentioned together with the donation amount.

Attention! Anyone who does not explicitly write „anonymously“ in the purpose of use, gives his consent to the publication of his name. If you prefer anonymity, please note this under purpose of the bank transfer, then only the amount is mentioned.

Bank Account

Account holder
Annelie Berg

IBAN: DE15 5706 9238 0104 2011 41

Purpose: Name (or „anonymous“), location


Name, Location

If the donor wishes to remain anonymous:

Anonymous, Location

It is understandable that everyone wants to be sure that the help they provide really reach those affected.

We don’t take a cent of anything that is donated, not even for server costs, administration, gasoline or the similar things. Every donation benefits the victims of the disaster 100%!

We cover all costs of the campaign!

We have already spent money to be able to provide things like rubber boots, shovels, brooms, wheelbarrows, one generator and pumps etc. Since we are not wealthy, this is unfortunately only a drop in the ocean.
That’s how we came up with the idea for this campaign. Even if the debris are cleared, the problems will last for a long time. Countless people lost everything and urgently need financial support!

The publication of donors/donations has the following advantages:

  • Everyone can see on the website that their donation will not be embezzled or misused.
  • The website will indicate for whom and for what purpose the total amount of all donations will be used.
  • We make it transparent that everything is correct when we select the recipients and that people who have been particularly hard hit by the disaster actually receive the needed support.

If you have any questions you can contact us by E-Mail at: or by phone under:

+49 (0)1575 0970978

Please understand that it might take one to two days for us to respond to your questions. We organize this campaign only with three people, which is why the website can only be updated once a day. At the same time we also turn to companies with requests for support and are working on adding more helpful projects to our website