The images of the floods, which caused unbelievably great damage in large parts of Germany, as well as in neighboring countries, go around the world right now.

Many people have literally lost everything, like their homes, furniture, personal belongings and even their work place. Relatives and friends are missing or have been recovered dead. Many places are running out of drinking water supplies and some towns are not reachable by car anymore. There is no electricity and no phone communication. It’s a terrible chaos and despite the unprecedented willingness to help from so many regions in Germany, there is still so much more these people need right now.

Our request on everyone out there, please donate money, to help those people who have lost everything and have to start all over from scratch!

If you have many contacts, if you are active on social media such as Facebook etc., please spread this website (–
I know this takes time and is not a thankful task because you don’t get any positive feedback yourself. But it is essential for the success of the site and we very much hope that you are willing to make the effort. Thanks to everyone in advance!

About us

We, the initiators of this action Annelie Berg and Peter Wassmann live in the Westerwald, less than three quarters of an hour away from the Ahr Valley, one of the regions that has been hit hardest. The images that can be seen on television or on the Internet cannot adequately convey the catastrophe that has occurred there. No image or video can describe the extent of the destruction.

Annelie has lived in the region for 40 years and has relatives there. She also founded her company Grün-Werkstatt in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and we have numerous friends and acquaintances who live there as well.

We are no longer the youngest and have already seen a lot, but what happened to those affected in the Ahr Valley (and of course other regions), how many it has hit and how total the extent of the destruction is, leaves us stunned and speechless. It is a horrific tragedy.
Solidarity with the victims and help are urgently needed!

Everyone has received an E-Mail or WhatsApp message or similar before, asking for help, support, donations or a request to just spread a message. Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to it. This is a normal thing because if we’re not directly confronted with the problem ourselves, it’s not always possible to understand the seriousness of a call for help or the urgency of the request.

Therefore, we plead with you to take the time! Donate and spread this call further!!!

Help now!

We would like to thank everyone who helps from the bottom of our hearts!